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Grow Your Business

The Ed Burns Group is a marketing and consulting firm. We implement digital tools to help you grow your business and show you how to use the internet to make money and save time.

Personal Branding

We work with clients on personal branding for business and sales. Are you portraying yourself in a way that will make people want to work with you?

We specialize in using LinkedIn and other web platforms to attract the people you want to meet, prospect for leads, and effectively close deals.

Island Marketing

Your website is an island in the vast blue ocean of the internet. Why choose your island?  What do you offer your guests when they arrive?

Island Marketing is about using the tools cohesively to attract visitors, build relationships, and create results.  Your revenue awaits…


We believe digital marketing should be used to establish and grow real, tangible human relationships.



Great relationships are built on the ability to tell the truth directly.  


The most important thing we can do is build a true human connection. 


We are both great and grateful, and grateful is far more important. 


We give our clients a positive experience worth talking about. 


Business = Relationships

Ed and his team are simply awesome. Their energy is contagious and made everyone on my team want to work with them. 

Keep up the great work!

“Good, honest people that know their craft and are easy to do business with!”

I love working with Ed and his team. Their customer service is exceptional. There has not been one occasion where they couldn’t assist me with an issue. If anything, they went above and beyond to help!

Ed and his team are great. They were very responsive and professional and were a joy to work with.

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